Cloud KYC

  • Make your financial business more secure and limit the wide range of financial crimes with our Cloud KYC tool. It is the KYC application specifically made for the financial organizations who are encountering frauds and needs the identity of their customers who are interacting with their companies. 

    As it also delivers the KYC procedure but because of cloud technology the process becomes very rapid as compared to traditional one. This is because of leveraging the flexibility & accessibility of cloud technology. This Cloud KYC is designed to offer the defence in-depth which eventually reduces the risk of security failure. By using our Cloud KYC application, you can easily store your clients data on a cloud based server which helps to access or verify it at anytime from anywhere. This also helps to reduce the administrative cost and increase the pace of the KYC procedure. 

    Core Features of Our Cloud KYC

    • Cloud Storage

      You can store all your clients data on the cloud so that it can easily be accessible from anywhere at anytime which reduces the threat of losing the identity of your clients in any condition.

    • Fraud & Money Laundering Monitoring

      As everything is cloud based, you can easily perform a client’s criminal background check  just by searching in our Cloud KYC application to suspect the Fraudsters before any crime.

    • Risk & Compliance Management

      Cloud KYC will help you to dynamically calculate and control the client’s risk matrix as well as monitor the actual behavior against the expected one to understand the risk level.

    • Alert Management

      You will get the fraud alerts from Cloud KYC which you can manage and prioritize as per your requirement by using efficient risk based processes available in it.

    Benefits of Purchasing from Us

    Cost Effective

    Building such a cloud system in your financial organization is very costly because of resources, but you can use ready-made Cloud KYC solution at a very affordable price.

    Technical Support

    As cloud technology is very advanced, for any queries you can simply contact our technical support team and get it resolved immediately with some additional tips. 

    Security of Information

    All your company’s data and any sensitive information you shared with use, gets stored into a secure environment so you can easily use service without any worry. 

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