Company Administration Services

  • Company Administration Services

    Every department in a business is entrusted with various roles which are critical to the development and growth of that entity. With all the business activities that you’ll be engaged in as a startup, it is essential that you keep adequate records of everything. At prixim, one of the key responsibilities we have is to provide professional outsourced administrative services to our clients.

    Outsourcing administrative services is just one way to eliminate having to do monotonous tasks. Spend more time implementing strategies that will strengthen your business so it can climb to the top.

    Outsourcing administrative services with prixim will give you access to confidential and quick assistance with the services listed below –

    • Transcription
    • Data Processing
    • Document Preparation
    • Content Development
    • Web Research
    • Presentations


    • Maximizing the use of your resources

    • Cost

    • Less

    • 24/5 access to expert services

    • Chat forwarding / escalation

    • Focus on core business

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