Process Flow Management

    • KYC & Compliance

      Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations add identity checks to banks’ customer onboarding processes. The KYC process is not fully automated, so it adds to bank employees’ casework, making it one more thing to manage. This article explains the basic process model and highlights key benefits of using prixim Workflow to manage a KYC process.

      Compliance executives have traditionally focused on expanding coverage of their activities to all necessary risks — layering compliance activities on top of business workflows and systems.

    • Reporting & MIS

      Reporting Management deals with any kind of Reporting of IT infrastructure and services. A well-defined and controlled process leads to the effective handling of these reports. Reporting Management is triggered every time a request for reporting is received from one of the various processes, from a requester or from an auditor. Reports are also regularly provided.
      Reporting Management contributes to an integrated Service Management approach by achieving the following goals :

      • Every authorized report facilitates the monitoring of services and service quality
      • Reports facilitate the improvement of services and processes
      • Reports document service delivery, service quality and service improvement
      • Reports will communicate service delivery, service quality and service improvement
      • Reports also ensure legal functions
      • Every report runs through a set of standardized activities and procedures in order to ensure effective and efficient processing
      • Every implemented Reporting is documented.
    • Quality Assurance

      Product Quality Assurance process area supports the delivery of high-quality products by providing project staff and managers at all levels with appropriate visibility into, and feedback on, processes and associated work products throughout the life of the project.

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