Prixim MT4 Momanage A Tool Developed For Processing Trade Operations And Managing Traders’ Accounts On Mobile.

  1. Prixim-MT4-MoManage-A-Tool-Developed-For-Processing-Trade-Operations-And-Managing-Traders’-Accounts

Prixim MT4 MoManage is a product owned and managed by Prixim Infowares Pvt Ltd. Prixim Infowares Private Limited is an innovative, fresh and one of the fastest growing Business and IT service Provider Company.

We know that life can be quite demanding and that is why Prixim has developed a convenient & efficient way to help Forex Brokers take care of MT4 manager termina needs on the move. We are pleased to introduce our MT4 MoManage App for Android Smartphones and tablets. So now, whether you are at meetings, dining or travelling, you can manage your MT4 manager terminal and handle client’s issues with MT4 MoManage App from wherever you are.
Prixim MT4 MoManage is designed for brokerage firms and business owners who are risk managers handling the services who monitor clients and trades constantly from the MT4 manager terminal.

MT4 MoManage created after understanding the requirements of Forex Brokers. Forex Brokers can manages their Client account History information, make transactions by allowing funding and receive alerts of email on the go.

Prixim MT4 MoManage comes with a unique facility, which is provided only by Prixim to its Client. The MT4 manager terminal helps in dealing with the clients on mobile conveniently for everyday MT4 terminal managing transactions.

Key Features of the Prixim MT4 MoManage:-

• On Prixim MT4 MoManage, Forex broker can monitors their client’s trades.
• Handing Funding request of the Client’s
• Information’s of Transaction History.
• On Prixim MT4 MoManage can get the alerts of email on the go.
• Logout Button to secure your MT4 terminal on Mobile.

Prixim MT4 MoManage offers vivid range of solutions for Forex brokers on their fingertips, so that you can access your MT4 Manager Terminal in the most comprehensive and secure way on Mobile.

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