On MT5, Get Real Time Charting Feeds of All Indian Market Segments With PrixCharts.

  1. On-MT5-Get-Real-Time-Charting-Feeds-of-All-Indian-Market-Segments-With-PrixCharts

PrixCharts is the Service owned and managed by Prixim Infowares pvt ltd. Prixim Infowares Private Limited is an innovative, fresh and one of the fastest growing Business and IT service Provider Company.

For financial markets, PrixCharts provides MT5 real time feed of MCX, NSE, Bank Nifty Options, SGX NIFTY, COMEX and FOREX.

PrixCharts provides accurate real time feeds for the trades who trade in stock or commodity markets.

MT5 Charting feeds are most consistent and best suits for the traders to execute their Technical analysis in commodity or stock.

MT5 Charting feeds provide better information about the movement of stock or commodity market.

MT5 Charting feeds, A full arsenal of analytical tools for the most thorough price analysis.Traders can open Up to 100 charts, it can allow monitoring in the platform of all essential financial instruments. MetaTrader 5 charting system includes 21 time-frames, from the one-minute up to one-month. It has such a wide range of time-frames that allows examining short-term price fluctuations along with long-term trends.

Traders can use 3 types of Charts easily in MT5 such as BAR, LINE and CANDLESTICK. MT5 feeds comes with MCX live feeds, NSE live feeds, BSE live Feeds and all other markets live feeds with most important indicators.

MT5 is user friendly for all types of traders, technicians and investors. MT5 is simple to operate and has all the basic indicators charting tools inbuilt. MT5 charting has widest range of indicators and strategy.

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