• Media

    The media industry has seen continuous disruption over the past decade. Changes in the business landscape are driven by the demands of the Internet, social media, and the mobile generation. To stay competitive, the industry must explore new products and business models with a sharp focus on innovation, cost savings, personalization, and interactivity.

    Prixim Infowares Private Limited provides media companies with comprehensive, media-specific business and IT solutions consulting.

    Prixim Infowares Private Limited has broad experience with both publishing (newspapers, magazines, and digital services) and broadcasting. We deliver front- and back-office solutions, enhancing competitiveness across the value chain of your operations.  Prixim Infowares Private Limited will help you increase operational efficiency, stabilize costs, and increase profits.

    By partnering with  Prixim Infowares Private Limited to transform your media operations, you can concentrate on business-critical imperatives, addressing the evolving consumption demands of the digitally connected consumer.

    • Clients include three of the top ten newspapers in the US; supporting $150 million in ad revenue
    • Uniquely positioned in publishing space—integrated media platform
    • Best practices-based business and IT solutions
    • Rich experience in IT solutions and the media industry
    • Flexible, variable cost structures, including transaction-based pricing
    • Onshore customer service combined with the cost savings and scalability of offshore process delivery