Prixim PSP is the solution for global borderless online payments. The product will continue to evolve to offer merchants added features to maximise their online revenues throughout key high growth markets around the world.

Outsourced Payment Solutions-
Your customers can’t see how much time and money your financial institution spends on back-office operations – they’re concerned about products that meet their needs and fast service.
Outsourced Business Solutions from Prixim provides your bank with innovative, cost-effective alternatives for what are traditionally considered back-office operations. And that allows you to focus on growth while driving efficiency and bottom-line improvement.

How the Prixim can help your business:

  • Seamless hyper-local connection
  • Local currency processing
  • Ability to adapt to local payment preferences
  • Secure transaction processing
  • Scalable for tomorrow’s demand
  • Data privacy storage compliant

Other Products We Provide :