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  • Company Overview

    Prixim Infowares Private Limited is an innovative, fresh and one of the fastest growing Business and IT service provider company that offers you flexibility and professionalism while delivering the services. We seek to stretch our commitment and software solutions across the world by constantly evolving our software and products through continued research and development. Our diverse team of market experts, analysts and consultants continuously strive to offer the best in class solutions and services at the most competitive prices to make you a decisive winner in the world’s largest market. Our services will make your transition smoother from a start-up to rank among top companies.
    We also are an emerging outsourcing company offering a wide range of Business services that help our clients achieve new levels of profitability while reducing their operating costs.

Our Core Values

    • Client First

      Our clients’ success is our success. This fact informs everything we do as a company.

    • Costs

      We will strive to operate efficiently to offer our clients the best pricing in the industry.

    • Custom Solutions

      We will listen. And the more we listen the more we understand that each business requires a unique, customized approach.

    • Culture of Professionalism

      We will conduct each aspect of our business with the highest level of professionalism. We will maintain the highest quality standards for all of our business processes and ensure that proper quality assurance measures are in place.

    • Clarity

      We will promote trust by providing clarity in all aspects of our business, from pricing to HR policies. We welcome our clients to visit us anytime and offer webcams, biometric attendance tracking and other means to lessen the sense of distance between management and staff.

    • Continuity

      We try to make prixim a positive environment; a place where employees want to spend their entire careers.

    • Cutting Edge

      From biometric attendance monitoring to videoconferencing, we will ensure our clients have the benefit of the latest technology.

    • Commitment

      We take our commitment to our clients seriously. We implement Best Practice in all tasks and it is clearly embodied in how we handle our offshore outsourcing services.

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