Our Associations

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Prixim (India) is now registered as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner. AWS offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.


As a Microsoft Registered Partner and a premier provider of innovative solutions for industry, we are proud that Prixim (India) is uniquely qualified to aid your organization in implementing all aspects of Microsoft technology.

Organization Partner ID: 5213743

Google Cloud Platform

Prixim (India) is now partnered with Google Partner. Google Cloud Platform is your go-to resource for support in the cloud. Together, we can decide which solutions you need, define a migration strategy, and connect you.

Symantec Secure One

Prixim (India) has teamed up with Symantec Secure one. Symantec provides state of the art infrastructure that delivers a consistent customer experience to each and every customer.

India FinTech Forum

Prixim (India) is pleased to announce that we are now the member of India Fintech Forum. India FinTech Forum is a platform where companies to collaborate and voice their opinions.

Internet Marketing Association (IMA)

Prixim (India) is a registered Professional Member of IMA. IMA is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups to provide members an opportunity to learn, engage and define Internet Marketing best practices.

Internet Society

Prixim (India) is a registered member of Internet Society. The Internet Society is a global cause-driven organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees that is dedicated to ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent and defined by you.

General Data Protection Regulation

Prixim (India) is pleased to announce that we comply with enforced European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) towards data safety, transparency and privacy.


Prixim (India) is now partnered with Dropbox. Dropbox provides creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync.

Reseller ID : 5ORMVJWQO4


Prixim (India) is Reseller Partner of Digicert. DigiCert verifies the authenticity of secure websites on behalf of a web browser.

Shopify Partner

Prixim (India) is now registered partner with Shopify.Shopify extends the opportunity of creating, building, and growing a business in the commerce industry.