Prixim provides glowing fast data feed service for your website or application with multiple section options. We have proficiency in display data with real time tick by tick update. We fulfill your all requirement. Considering Forex, data feed provides traders with live trades, market updates and news from data servers. We help you integrate data feeds into your Server, and from there on, it can be redirected towards your website. We are the leading data feed service provider in the Forex market.

APIs are designed for commercial use, and not intended for personal investing needs.

Our Features :

All in one

We provide different types of data feeds like real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical data feed to give you all the solutions at one place

Quicker development, quicker to market

it’s quicker and easier to connect to a new market, so you can develop new strategies, hit new markets and seize new opportunities.


We provide a secure and reliable data feed integration that you
can trust upon. It prevents any data loss and maintains
the quality of data.

24/5 Support

Our technical and Forex market experts will always be with you to
help you keep your business always live for your
valued clients

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Global Futures Exchanges

Toronto Stock Exchange

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National Stock Exchange of India

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