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    As the industry leader in utilizing data and analytics, Prixim Infowares provides insights that help you target new markets, improve response rates, maximize revenue and minimize risk. Our solutions enable you to effectively manage your customer lifecycle through all stages.

    Customer Targeting and Engagement

    As a global leader in providing information, analytics and marketing services to organisations, Prixim Infowares enables informed decision-making. By integrating and analyzing data from all sources, Prixim Infowares provides a 360-degree view of consumers and their behaviours that enable superior targeting through increasingly ubiquitous digital media.

    Customer Acquisition

    Prixim Infowares’ target-marketing platforms and databases help in identifying the right customer for your business to achieve maximum value and minimum risk. Our tools for customer acquisition empower you to manage the entire ‘application-to-customer’ life-cycle, connect to all relevant internal and external data sources, apply strategy across all platforms of your business and prevent application frauds.

    Customer Management

    In today’s highly competitive landscape, spiralling customer acquisition costs and demanding consumers make it imperative for financial service providers to actively engage and retain their portfolio of customers. Prixim Infowares’ solutions provide revealing insights into customer needs and behaviours so that you can market the right products to the right customers.

    Collections and Recoveries

    With the ever increasing customer acquisition costs, consumer demands, debt burdens, and need for effective customer retention, Prixim Infowares offers to take your focus and anxiety off issues regarding debt recovery and put it back into the core business processes. Prixim Infowares’ collections and recoveries solutions are based on the need to automate and streamline the collections process to minimise risk and maximise profitability.

    Data and Analytics

    Data is a critical and strategic tool that powers business today. At Prixim Infowares, we have spent many years refining our expertise in interpreting data and leveraging it to create more valuable and profitable customer relationships for our clients. Our best-in-class analytics solutions transform data into information, enabling organisations to accurately predict applicant and customer behaviour.

    Business Information Services

    Prixim Infowares Business Information Services provides information on millions of companies from more than 220 countries. The Prixim Infowares Business Information Report or BIR has enabled thousands of banks, credit guarantors, exporters, importers and businesses to achieve their growth targets while better managing credit risk associated with it. Every Prixim Infowares BIR includes a standardized score of 0-100 making it easy to understand, interpret and use. It is more granular and can be used in global risk management across sectors, geographies and company types. Another unique feature of the report is the recommended credit limit for the company in evaluation.

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