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  • Data Management & Validation

    Many business industries conduct a large number of paper-based transactions. In a data-driven, automated world, paper is still essential in processes that need to comply with regulations and align with client needs. But, paper impedes appropriate processing of data, restricts its transformation into information used in downstream processes and makes storage and retrieval of information difficult.

    Industry Wise Data Management & On Boarding Solutions:

    We have specialized team for each industry to handle niche requirements.

    Healthcare – We offer flexible and scalable data processing and convert medical data into easy-to-access information. We process documents like medical history questionnaires, hospital entrance form, and medi-claims, prescriptions, diagnosis reports, coding & billing, etc.

    Insurance – We accurately process automobile, housing, medical, health and life insurance claims, etc.

    Retail & Manufacturing – We specialize in product catalog forms processing, shipping orders, shopping cart data entry, invoices, catalog management and migration, inventory forms, etc.

    Banking & Financial Services – With our comprehensive solutions, we efficiently process credit card applications, rebate forms, checks, loan forms, account applications, mortgage and loan forms, change of address forms, etc.

    Logistics & Transportation – We accurately process and convert data from Waybills, Cargo manifests, invoices, freight bills, draft & transmittal forms, certificate of origins, courier receipts, exports/imports documents, lading bills, return/exchange forms, etc.

    Energy & Utilities – Our comprehensive solutions include data processing for customer applications, employee records, purchase orders, commercial invoices, etc.

    Telecommunication – We scan, index and validate data from customer application forms, bills, change of address, e-statements, etc.

    SECONDLY, Frequent data validation helps to make your database management system accurate and reliable in all respects.

    Through our data validation services, Prixim Data Validation Services has been removing all illegitimate and invalid data from the database management systems of its clients.

    Your database management systems may be clouded with wrong, invalid and duplicate entries or data, which may give away the credibility of your database management system. To ensure that all your entries are correct and legitimate in all respects, outsource data validation requirements to us.

    Prixim Services, through its data validation India team can precisely and efficiently remove all duplicate and erroneous entries from your database management system.

    Solutions We Offer:

    The data validation India unit of Prixim Services has been precisely validating the entire data entered into the databases of our clients. Some of the data validation services we provide include, but not limited to the following:

    Researching of Data

    • Data Validation
    • Data Verification
    • Data Cleansing

    Benefits – Prixim Data Validation & Management Services:

    • All inclusive and varied range of data validation services
    • Thorough validation of every data and entry to find invalid entries
    • All invalid, wrong and/or duplicate entries and data will be removed from the database to increase its reliability with regard to its data
    • Flawed entries or data will be corrected and re-entered into your database
    • Latest data validation technologies to deliver superior and prompt results

    The data validation team is highly competent and proficient in finding and correcting or removing all dubious entries from databases. This makes us the best outsource data validation services partner in the industry.

    As our data validation services are highly cost effective, you would be able to save considerable amount of your money by utilizing our services.

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