Chat & Email Support

  • Email support and Chat support have now developed to become two most basic means of transmitting real-time essential data thereby influencing customer relationships. This is the main reason why most businesses are willing to outsource their customer services like help desk support, technical support and complaint collection. Most non voice support processes today integrate email support and chat support. Our trained manpower and resources to handle it effectively on your behalf.

    Our Chat Support Service includes but is not limited to :

    • Marketing Services
    • Complaint Registration and Its Resolutions
    • Technical Problem Resolution
    • Live Customer Support
    • 24×5 Online Support

    Our Email Support covers diverse areas that includes but is not limited to :

    • Order Fulfillment
    • Order Taking
    • Feedback or response to inquiry
    • Troubleshooting for services and products
    • Payment Inquiries and documentation


    • Minimized risk and improved quality

    • High returns

    • Reduced processing cost and time

    • Enhanced productivity of agents

    • Process standardization & improvement

  • Other Services We Provide :