Managed Infrastructure

  • Business environment is swiftly changing and enterprises are expected to be agile and reactive. Latest and innovative technologies are slowly but surely changing the way businesses are carried out. It is important that companies settle in to these emerging and changing technologies to stay competitive
    and relevant while enhancing their business value.

    Prixim definitely believes that keeping up with current market and technology trends does not have to be expensive. Therefore, we ensure that our high-tech IT infrastructure management services are cost-effective, flexible, and agile to help to deliver efficiency and value to your enterprise.

    Initially working with assessment, planning and framework development, we move on to the operational, migration, and monitoring of IT infrastructure. Our services are all comprehensive, and
    ensure high-performance management of data centers for varied IT requirements, and include –

      1. 1. Data Center Services
        We provide comprehensive operational effective solutions, reduced costs and increased
        customer satisfaction without compromising on data security.

      2. 2. Enterprise Security Solutions & Implementation
        We excel in providing pioneering venture security management solutions that are supplemented
        with IPS server protection, next-generation firewalls, anti-virus and security gateways.

      3. 3. IT Risk and Security Management
        We provide IT risk and security management solutions that are flexible, economical, and
        practical to meet the needs of your customers. When it comes to finding and working with the
        best service provider in the IT risk management domain, Prixim is matchless.

      4. 4. Network Infrastructure Management
        This involves monitoring WAN, desktops, servers, business platforms, and communication
        networks to ensure smooth and secure workflow environment for your business. We also
        manage your storage infrastructure comprising of storage devices, data centers, and servers for
        smooth business operations.

      5. 5. Security Infrastructure Management
        Prixim makes sure that no compromises are made in a secure IT enterprise. With proactive
        monitoring, risk assessment, security audit, regulatory compliance audit, and daily security
        checks you can ensure that your environment is safe.

      6. 6. Remote Infrastructure Management Services
        Our fully-furnished and flexible 24×5 Operations Center with our best engineers and technical
        experts in the industry. Averaging cutting-edge technologies our team proactively monitors your
        IT infrastructure and resolves the issue tickets raised by your staff.

      7. 7. Infrastructure Application Support Services
        Capitalize on value and rationalize operations by partnering with Prixim for infrastructure
        application support services. We offer exclusive services that are reliable and consistent to
        ensure availability of infrastructure applications through 24x5x365 monitoring.

      8. 8. Server Monitoring Services
        We offer rapid, reliable, and steady server monitoring services to clients across the global. Our
        professionals will timely update the client when the free space in the discs is about finish. Such
        measures enable businesses to take necessary steps on time to prevent possible suspension.

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