Server Migration

  • What Trading Platform Server Migration ?

    Trading Platform Server Migration is simply the act of moving your trading platform server data and configuration from one server to another. Sometimes this migration is from one server platform to another, such as from Server A  to a Server B.

    How is it done ?

    Typically, the act of migrating your trading platform server is done manually. This is partly because there is no way to automate the migration of one server platform to another, but also because all of our servers come with root or administrator access, allowing you to have full control over the setup and configuration of the server. This results in a greater potential for complications to arise during any kind of one-size-fits-all automated migration solution.

    You can then setup your initial configuration and migrate your data from the old trading platform server to the new trading platform server. We recommend that you contact our Server Support team, who may be able to give you some general guidance, if you plan to migrate from an older  trading platform server.


      1. EASY TO START

        Start and handle server migration in a few clicks with our server Migration services.

      2. CONTROL

        Create and manage a tailored imitation plan designed for large-scale migrations, and track the progress of each migration.

      3. AGILITY

        Perform migrations more rapidly by minimizing bandwidth, migrating only Phased changes made on location servers.


        Our Server Migration Service is free to use; pay only for the storage resources used during the migration process.


        Phased server replication allows you to reduce server layoff significantly.

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