Technical Help Desk

  • Technical support services are designed to exceed the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers. We do this by maintaining our commitment to providing a timely resolution of customer issues, complaints, or problems. The goals of our support services are to minimize customer downtime, address issues rapidly, accelerate company-wide adoption, maximize solution benefits, and improve the overall user experience. Prixim help desk support and customer support are part of a comprehensive customer support plan.

    Prixim’s technical help desk is designed to provide customers with the timely resolution of the issues that they require. Help desk staff are dedicated to providing dependable service and timely problem resolution. They are also committed to communicating and collaborating with our customers.

      1. Easy Access
        Customers can easily and quickly access the support team when they have an problem that needs to be

      2. Fast Response Time
        prixim service personnel are empowered to respond quickly to customer issues, get the right people working on the problem, and to communicate with the customer.

      3. Quick Resolution
        Many of the calls or emails to our customer support center are resolved within an hour of the report of the issue. We are committed to resolving customer issues rapidly.

      4. Timely Follow-Up
        Once an issue addressed or a problem resolved, our support personnel or account manager will contact our customer to notify the customer of the status and how it was resolved.

      5. Ongoing Communication
        After a problem has been taken care of, account managers follow up with the customer to check to make sure that the resolution has addressed the issue that the customer has reported. Prixim’s team also provides status on an patches or updates to solutions.

      6. Collaboration
        Prixim also frequently collaborates with its customers to help to determine its development path. Prixim’s customers are important in determining the new functionality that we develop or area for enhancement.

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