Outsource SMS Marketing Services For Your Business:

  1. Outsource SMS Marketing Services For Your Business

Prixim provides SMS Marketing services that helps to promote your products or services across the globe and enrich your customer loyalty. In case of any immediate notification or offers of your business, this service proves to be the best way to deliver such immediate urgent notices to your clients at budget friendly prices. Due to value based messages even Do Not Disturb service related clients can be connected. Prixim uses creative ways to build the SMS and helps to make a lasting impression on your targeted customers.

We assure complete security for your database and give a detailed delivery report. Our SMS marketing services are efficient, reliable and fast that boosts your company’s growth and gives you greater exposure. It is necessary to use SMS marketing services by every company for improving user experience, instant communication and get in touch with their clients immediately because it eventually enables business expansion.

Following are 3 main Services provided under SMS Marketing by Prixim:

1.Promotional Messages:
Enabling our Promotional messages services will open up a great channel to improve your relationship with potential customers. Promotional messages is an inexpensive method as compared to the other traditional marketing methods, this helps to save your time and money. Our service will allow you to send coupons, offers, discounts, services etc. directly to your customer. Whether you are a startup or a well known established brand, this promotional messages service will help to grow business seamlessly.

2.Transactional SMS:
In this service, you will receive smooth transaction facility via messaging. Prixim also has multiple gateway connectivity with major mobile operators for achieving the efficient client’s transaction.

3.International connectivity:

Prixim also helps to enhance your company reputation by allowing you to send international SMS. International connectivity works beyond the domestic market and makes a whole new revenue potential market available for you. This service is one of the most effective methods for promoting your products worldwide.

Prixim provides transparency to clients in every service we deliver. Similarly we assent with our clients ideas and make changes if any. We give you the complete liberty to operate by offering the facility of building your own SMS. We have a dedicated customer support team which always stays ready to solve the queries of clients.

So to get flexibility in terms of different things that can be shared via message and strengthen your businesses or interested in enhancing brand recognition,you can use our SMS Marketing services directly by visiting our website or sending us an email at “sales@prixim.co.in”